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Vills Bros Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling and Conditioning


We pride ourselves in capturing our members' experience in our gym. Hope to see you on our page!

Teach them young! Kids starting from the age of 3yrs old can learn in all the disciplines we offer. Coach Matt uses step-by-step teaching techniques while taking into consideration the learning styles of each individual child. 

At Vills Bros, we believe in OPEN MAT training. This is a way for our members to try what they have learned by applying their techniques and training with other members from other Jiu-Jitsu gyms around town. We have a No Politics attitude and feel that everyone has a right to advance together.

We promote TEAMWORK on and off the mats! No matter what color belt you are, we treat everyone with the same respect and pass this onto our kids. Not only does this teach them to be humble but, it teaches them to always remember that they themselves were once a beginner. Whether we are in the gym or at tournaments, the same rules apply.

We build SELF-ESTEEM and Promote ANTI-BULLYING! Learning No-Gi has its own rewards and just another technique we teach our kids. This proves to build their own self-confidence and prevent bullying in real life situations. According to, " Bullies are predators by nature and prefer the weak as prey. A confident child is less likely to be a victim, and martial arts provides this platform for creating a resilient, confident child." (

STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING classes for the Beginner-Intermediate level. Our focus is utilizing your own body's resistance to sculpt and tone at the same time building muscle strength and a strong core. This class is for average people wanting to live a healthier and active lifestyle without breaking the bank and is fun at the same time. Our environment is comfortable and family driven meaning no audience around to stare at you like the big gym facilities and we all support each other's goals. 

Our 2021 tournaments have been rewarding in the experience,placements and teamwork. We're not done yet!

Congratulations to our kids that placed and competed at IBJJF Pan Kids 2020

Results are as follows:

Champions : Monica Morales, Amillya Garcia, Alex Kirkman and Micah Feller

Runner Up : Delaney Pangilinan

Bronze : Christian Deleon, Michael Springer and Malachi Maldonado