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Vills Bros BJJ Class Schedule

We always offer 2 FREE trial classes prior to sign-up

Kids : Kids are placed in levels according to their age, size, weight and skill level. It is recommended you contact us to figure out which level your child(ren) would trial. 

Level 1: Tuesday & Thursday 4pm-5pm

Level 2: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 4pm-5pm

Level 3: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5pm-6pm & Saturday 11am-12pm

Level 4: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6pm-7pm, Tuesday & Thursday 5pm-6pm & Saturday 11am-12Noon


Adults: Adults are welcome to all classes except those who have never trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu OR who have less than 6 months experience. Persons who meet this criteria only have the choice of trialing our White Belt Fundamental class at a lower rate.

Early Morning: Monday- Friday 6am-7am

White Belt Fundamental: Tuesday & Thursday 6pm-7pm, Wednesday 7pm-8:30pm

Evening: Monday-Friday 7pm-8:30pm